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The purpose of this National Symposium is to bring together a diversity professionals to share best practices in First Nations Policing as well as how the Justice system can be transformed to reflect northern Saskatchewan First Nations cultures and community realities. Participants from across the country will hear stories, realistic possibilies, and Indigenous-based models that work.

The focus is on SOLUTIONS. We are counting on you to think hard throughout the keynote presentations, panels, and workshop sessions. Participants will have opportunities to share, ask questions and make recommendations.

First Nations Policing has been existence for several decades in Canada. There are also Indigenous-based Justice court system initiatives and alternative sentencing models. In this symposium, participants will benefit from hearing what professionals have to say on what is working so that short and long term goals can be made in light of the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action.  

In First Nations cultures, when spiritual, natural, and community laws were violated, the focus was on restoring the individual back into balance at the individual, family, and community levels. Banishment was a reality for harsh criminal offenses. Today, there is a need to look back within our cultures and bring these Indigenous law concepts out into the open so that we can begin to deal with the complex challenges in the Justice and Policing sectors. There will be opportunities to network and exchange knowledge. Mark your calendars and register early.