Panel Presentations

There are 2 Panels in the National Symposium. The Purpose of the Panel Presentations on First Nations Policing and Indigenous Justice is to hear from experts and professionals. Panel members will share stories, best practices, and challenges with symposium participants. Indigenous-based models will be highlighted. A Question and Answer Session follows each of the Panel presentations.

1st day – First Nations Policing Panel
2nd day – Indigenous Justice Model Panel
Time Limit for Each Panel – 2 Hours
Panel Focus Areas
First Nations Policing Panel Focus Areas:
  1. What is the story of your First Nations Police Force? How, when, why was it started?
  2. What is the structure of your governance, administration, and unique cultural features for your police force?
  3. What are the roles of your police members that are different from regular police forces?
  4. What recruitment processes are used for police staffing?
  5. Where are your police members trained and what on-going professional development can be accessed?
  6. What are the current issues and challenges in First Nations policing?
  7. What can you share about lessons learned and best practices?
  8. What advice can you give to First Nations who want to develop their own Police service?
  9. Other Questions from the Symposium Participants
Indigenous Justice Model Panel Focus Areas:
  1. Can you give us some examples of Indigenous-based courts that exist in Canada and other countries?
  2. Why is it important to transform the Courts to reflect First Peoples cultures, laws, and contemporary realities?
  3. What recommendations do you have to change the court system to better serve First Nations Peoples?
  4. What do you think are some of the best practices in Indigenous-based court systems?
  5. What types of training might judges and lawyers need when they are dealing with First Nations peoples?
  6. What type of research is needed to develop First Nations court systems?
  7. What advice can be given to First Nations who want to develop their own court system?
  8. Other Questions from the Symposium Participants